Marino the surfer mouse

Marino the surfer mouse mouse is a soft sculpture, entirely handmade with the needle felting technique.
He is made of high quality wool and has black plastic eyes. His arms, legs and tail can be moved since he has a wire skeleton inside.
Marino is a very passionate surfer and loves to ride the waves of the sea… The bigger, the better!
He spends most of his time at the beach, waiting for the waves to come.
When he is not surfing he likes to spend some time with her loved one.
Since he is a romantic guy, he especially enjoys watching the sunset in front ot the sea, with her.
He is wearing a cool swimwear with Hawaiian floral design and he always has his surfboard with him.
He is tall 9.5 cm (3.7 inches). In order to let him standing up, you just have to adjust his legs and the tail.


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Marino is still available for purchase



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